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A Shot in a Million by Monty-Dan

A Shot in a Million by Monty-Dan

Action - 7 mins
Made with: IL2 - March 2007
Website: Monty Dan's Virtual Movies

A test scene from the upcoming Pictures of War 3, which is on hold until the flight sim Storm of War: Battle of Britain is released. Nevertheless, this test scene is an action movie in itself , and well worth watching.


website Monty-Dan's Virtual Movies

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Streaming Video
Reply #2 on : Mon August 27, 2007, 22:09:59
Thanks for your comments on the stremaing of this movie. I'm the webmaster of and I've checked it out. I tried WMP by opening the URL and it wouldn't start the player until it had the file downloaded. Its quite possible that the file partially downloaded and played what it had. I have now added a note to the download button and will consider changing the files to RAR or ZIP.
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Re: A Shot in a Million by Monty-Dan
Reply #1 on : Sun August 26, 2007, 21:03:12
I streamed it and I didn't get 7 minutes - more like 90 seconds!