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Battle of Britain-The Kanalkampf by Barfly

Battle of Britain-The Kanalkampf by Barfly

Action - 4 mins
Made with: IL2-Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - August 2011

This short action-filled movie about the first phase of the Battle of Britain, fought over the English Channel with heavy participation by Luftwaffe Stuka dive-bombers, sets the bar at the highest level yet for a movie created using the Cliffs of Dover (COD) Flightsim.  The opening scenes are impossible to differentiate from actual WWII newsreel footage, while the incorporation of pilot animation sequences also brings "life" to the movie to a degree seldom achieved in flightsim movies. Superb post-processing video and audio effects complement the raw COD-captured footage. 

Awarded the Golden OLEG for achievement in flightsim movie realism and technical mastery in the use of animated human characters

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Re: Battle of Britain-The Kanalkampf by Barfly
Reply #2 on : Wed August 17, 2011, 23:32:56
Thanks Glenn and right, but a I understood also that little point, when i making this simfilm project. Anyway, I wanted to make this scene differently style for two reasons. Firstly, a this scene video capture phase problems caused by errors in the game clouds texture (Clouds flickers), so I do not want to take video captures same scene a hundred times again. Another reason was the fact that it looks to me little better thus implemented. That's why, I do not consciously worry about the historical aspects of the camera views change and focus effects (or color harmony and contrast). The aim was to make that the short film beginning of a bit of its new video processing style, that it is call real life also reprocessing and re-reconstructions (Old documentary film materials reprocessing → New color and HD and editing etc. - Digital video enhancement techniques). The historical fact is also that which is from that fell from the sky when down, so it would be, however, actually burning Hurricane (maybe this real radio speech was BBC morale war propaganda? But, anyway this day 14.7.1940 RAF fighters shot down two Ju-87s, maybe 3?). So what does this particular case showing some historical TV documentaries, so in some scenes they are very rarely related to the WW2 document story and historical film shots is not real some place or time (if to be exact). Also, most big-budget historical WW2 movies are anything but accurate image of actual historical events (if to be exact). Because 100% real story usually also has a too boring to a larger audience (Must be usually also fictional adventure, drama, black humor and romantic involved, in fact the correct WW1 and WW2 was anything other than this - the real war is not fun). The only thing in my opinion should be carefully when dealing with example WW2 historical subject, is that it does not violate the real life war veterans or their relatives, or national historical traditions and memorials, unfortunately sometimes it is impossible (please everyone). However, my intention is not to offend anyone. - Barfly
Glenn LeDrew
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Battle of Britain -Kanalkampf movie
Reply #1 on : Tue August 16, 2011, 22:16:16

Very well done, indeed! I have only one nit to pick, and it's minor,. The 're-enactment' of that famous sequence during the Battle which showed attacks on ships, as appears at the start here, was marred by the couple of brief de-focus effects. This made it appear as though an auto-focus camera was used, whereas such did not exist back in the day. Moreover, those old camera operators knew how to focus, and once set, as long as the subject distance was not changing sufficiently they did not fiddle with it, certainly not to such an extent as to cause the image to blur to any notable extent.

I guess my 'lesson' is to be careful of the kinds of after-effects to use when simulating historical footage.

Again, a fine film that makes me want very much to enjoy all your future projects.