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Bellum by Stian (Pawnee) Angelson

Bellum by Stian (Pawnee) Angelson

Action - 11 mins
Made with: IL2 - April 2004

In the Solomons, USAAF P-38’s at one island airbase exchange blows with Japanese naval fighters based on another island.

Awarded the Golden OLEG with outstanding achievement in cinematography.


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Re: Bellum by Stian (Pawnee) Angelson
Reply #1 on : Wed August 22, 2007, 07:27:06
My favourite IL-2 movie of all time. It must have been the music, dunno, but this movie has definitely stuck into my heart. Whenever I want to show people some IL-2 movie I show them this one. Big Salute to Pawnee!