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Brothers In Arms by Russell (Joe90) Boyd

Brothers In Arms by Russell (Joe90) Boyd

Drama - 22 mins
Made with: IL2 - September 2006
Website: Wee Bit Films

On 7 January 1949, as the Israeli War of Independence was coming to an end, three nations' Air Forces, all equipped with Spitfires, were at the front line. This is a true story about the combat events of that day and the men who fought in them.

Awarded the Golden OLEG with outstanding achievement in screenwriting.


website Russell (Joe90) Boyd

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Re: Brothers In Arms by Russell (Joe90) Boyd
Reply #1 on : Tue August 14, 2007, 18:10:06
Fantastic movie...the tragedy of war. This got my interest and I did some research/reading and I learned a lot about the early days of the Israeli Air force! Excellent screenplay and radiotelephone communications dialogue! Congrats to the screenwriter and Director