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Faith Hope and Charity by Wingmen Productions

Faith Hope and Charity by Wingmen Productions

Historical Drama - 62 mins
Made with: IL2 - June 2007

Website: Wingmen Productions

This historical drama, inspired by actual events, tells the story of the defence of the island of Malta at the start of WWII. Only a few Gloster Sea Gladiator biplanes were available for the heroic battle against scores of more modern Italian fighters and bombers.

website Wingmen Productions 

Winner of Best Film at the Online Machinima Film Festival 2008 and finalist for Best Drama, Best First Film, Best Custom Content and Best Original Sound Design.


Nominated for three awards at the Machinima Festival Europe 2007 for Best Direction, Best Story and Best Visual Design;


Awarded the Golden OLEG for being the internationally proclaimed best epic flight sim machinima movie yet produced.


Awarded a second Golden OLEG for the combined creative and technical efforts of a dozen movie makers, particularly for direction, editing, CGI, musical score, sound effects, and screenwriting

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Posts: 2
Re: Faith Hope and Charity by Wingmen Productions
Reply #2 on : Thu April 28, 2011, 22:03:04

Fine work, dramatic and intense. IMHO voice acting is rather weak, as stated by Ian Munro, and historical accuracy is quite loose. I liked particularly the length of the movie: a story, not a condensed "short". Well done!

Ian Macdonald-Munro
Posts: 2
Faith, Hope & Charity
Reply #1 on : Sun November 25, 2007, 13:58:29
An absolutely excellent machinima movie. The opening and closing titles are a triumph, the editing excellent, the sound track extremely well done and in all a well constructed attempt at making a real movie. My only caveats are that although vocal acting is "OK" it is the weakest element, in spite of excellent atmospheric handling of wounded comms etc. Maybe far more anxiety, shouting, adrenaline and background combat sound during radio exachanges and poorer transmission quality. In general however this is the best air combat machinima I have seen yet. Great effort guys.