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Purple Heart Alley by MaxwellSmart

Purple Heart Alley by MaxwellSmart

Historical Documentary - 21 mins
Made with: IL2 - November 2004

In October, 1943, the Luftwaffe inflicted extremely devastating damage on B-17 bomber forces over Germany, almost breaking the back of the USAAF high altitude precision bombing effort. This movie takes the viewer on one of those USAAF raids during what came to be known as Black Week. Intense fighter-vs-bomber combat.

Awarded the Golden OLEG for outstanding historical documentary.

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Michael Lockhart
Posts: 2
Outstanding Historical Movie
Reply #2 on : Mon December 21, 2009, 01:25:48
Maxwellsmart with a little help from me made a great historical little movie about a bombing mission on Oct 10, 1943 know as Black Week that didn't go very well for the 100th BG with only one bomber made it back. Thanks for all the support for Jorge's movie. 310thFalcon
Posts: 2
purple heart alley
Reply #1 on : Sat July 12, 2008, 16:02:36
comment after viewing