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The Bristol Fighter by Gisbod

The Bristol Fighter by Gisbod

Documentary - 4 mins
Made with: Rise of Flight - June 2011

This very well filmed documentary documents some key features and airmen of the Bristol Fighter F2.B. Despite being a two-seater, the "Brisfit" proved to be an agile aircraft that was able to hold its own against opposing single-seat fighters.

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Dag Eckerberg
Posts: 2
Reply #2 on : Tue December 27, 2011, 01:59:57

Well, the Brisfit was an able two-seeter. Nevertheless, far more Brisfit´s was downed by Albatrosse´s, Pfaltz´s and Fokker´s than the other way around.

Darel aka zodwik
Posts: 2
Reply #1 on : Mon October 10, 2011, 15:05:01

Very nice! ..I didn't know the Bristol was so good. It looks a bit clumsy.