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The Long Goodnight by James (Blackace) Thorpe

The Long Goodnight by James (Blackace) Thorpe

Drama - 13 mins
Made with: IL2 - December 2004
Website: Blackace Productions

A follow on from "Time To Say Goodbye". The pilot of that film introduces the sequel in the briefing room as the wing commander.


Website Blackace Productions

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Long goodnight
Reply #1 on : Wed October 10, 2007, 01:10:27
I heve never seen anything like this before. This film is masterful. The animation is marvellous, all of the effects are gripping. This is really a tribute to all those guys in the Mighty Eighth who flew out of England from 42-45. That voice coming over the R/T saying we're all coming home tells it all. GREAT!